Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy Weekend!

This was a crazy busy weekend! Friday I helped at school, went to salon to take a pic of all of us for some ad's we are doing and then went to dinner for Kehau's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings. Saturday we got up early and took the tailgate goods to Steve and Brenda, did some grocery shopping, came home and loaded the trailer to get ready for camping over Thanksgiving at South beach. We then went to Don and Frances to celebrate Kehau's Birthday again with dinner over there. Then today (Sunday) I went back downtown Portland to the camera class Frances and I are taking, it was BORING today! When I got home I loaded some more stuff in the trailer and we had to go to the store again for camping food. I then was off to Stacey Ackermans house for a girls night of BUNCO, yes we are officially like our parents playing bunco. I think the last time I played was when I was a "sub" for my moms friends when I was little. We had such a fun time! I am excited to play again. The best part of the night was when Sarah broke the 'booby' prize...Amy was so excited to get her 1st Christmas decoration, the booby prize snow globe. A pretty reindeer in a glittery globe, until Sarah tried to steal it. As she was leaving she put her purse (globe inside) on her shoulder and...CRASH! The globe falls out onto the hardwood floor and shatters everywhere! A glitter wet mess. We cleaned it up, laughing hard about the whole thing, but sadly Amy now has a sad Christmas Greyhound.

Oh girls, thanks for a good laugh and a great end to a busy weekend:)

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