Thursday, October 16, 2008

First 2 days in Disneyland...

Kekoa loved the plane ride, we checked into the Disney Hotel and off we went into Disneyland. Our first ride was the train that takes you around the park.
We went into toontown hoping Kekoa would ride a something. But he didn't. We did go to see Micky though.

Day 2

We headed out early, 8am. Kekoa wanted to ride the monorail, so we did, we got off in tomorrow land and were ready to get in line for nemo but it wasn't running...dang. So we spent about an hour looking for something Kekoa would do. He doesn't want to go on anything "scary". We were stopped in front of the castle where a cast member took our pic. She then asked us if Kekoa would like to help Micky conduct his band...exciting! but he didn't want to and said "no thank you". We were all bumbed he didn't do this but what can you do if he doesn't want to do it.
He finally started going on rides...he ended up LOVING Dumbo.Kekoa set this self timer up...good one:)

We went back to the hotel about 3ish and went swimming. Kekoa's fav. part so far. After cooling off we went back to our room to rest, thinking kekoa would nap...nope, we all took naps BUT him! We also did our Mickey's trick or treat party, Kekoa fell asleep on our way to it at 7pm. I will blog that soon, Im going to bed now...I got to go to see Goofy tomorrow for breakfast:)


christy kern said...

I am so happy that you guys are there enjoying eachother... is it sad to say that I've been waiting for you to blog so I can feel like I'm with you...? All the pics are great and I can't wait to hear about breakfast and the halloween experience, I hope little man likes it!!! tell Kai to find a beer and drink two, one for me and one for himself...hug the "grands" for me and know that Ilove you forever friend!!!!! 47

christy kern said...

hey one more guys will never lose eachother or confuse anyone with where your from.....with all that OREGON green and yellow ya'll are wearin!!!! GO DUCKS...RIGHT!!!!!