Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Home. Its good to be home. But not ready for vacation to end. The last half of our Disneyland trip was fun. Kekoa started to "kinda" like the rides. He got his train he wanted for going on the rides I said he had to try. He liked some, but most he said he didn't.
We are all so tired from our busy Disneyland experience. I'm ready to get a little rest:) our flight left Orange County at 7:35pm Tuesday night...making the plane land at PDX at 9:50pm. Makes for a late night. Julie picked all of us up from the airport, since she has the suburban. As we were almost to Don and Frances house Kekoa got sick, I mean throwing up in his hands sick! Poor kid. He woke up Tue. morning with a tummy ache but he seemed fine, until the car ride. After dropping My Dad off at home, with more puking, we finally got home at about 11pm... then we made Kekoa a bed next to ours, puke bowl included, and went to bed. Kekoa woke up tired but not sick and went to school with a smile on his face.
We had a great time in Disneyland, we wish my mom could have come though, it just wasn't the same without her.

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